Good for business.
Good for people.
Good for the world.

A consultancy and community building employee belonging and wellbeing.



We assess belonging in your organisation through surveys, focus groups, and interviews. 


We work with you to  improve your organisational strategy, policies and processes.


We offer workshops, coaching, speaker series, and advice to improve your organisational culture.


You can join our Belonging Club, to meet others, share stories, tackle issues, and collaborate on projects.

Belonging is good for business

Belonging is more than diversity and inclusion. When organisations foster a culture of belonging and wellbeing, their people are more productive, innovative, positive, are sick less, stay longer, and spread the word about the great organisation they work for.


Recruitment and retention

Employees are more likely to recommend their employer to others, stay longer, and influence others to stay too.

Productivity and innovation

Belonging increases peoples' creativity, innovation, and productivity.

Health and


People take less time off work and are healthier while there.


About AllHuman

AllHuman is a social enterprise, working with organisations and individuals to build employee diversity, inclusion, belonging and wellbeing.


​Our aims are simple.

  • All people can bring their whole selves to work, and feel celebrated.

  • All organisations, no matter how big or small, can access tools and support to help this happen.


We work closely with you to understand your aims and your people, and offer surveys, focus groups, and interviews, review and recommendations of your policies, processes, and communications, and culture workshops and coaching.


Our values

We acknowledge we are all human. We celebrate difference. We work towards equal outcomes. We collaborate wherever we can. We use co-design methodology. We base our work on research. We believe in life-long learning. We know everyone has knowledge to share. We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We love people looking after people. We are all about community and connection. And together we will create a better world.



Like with all good things,  AllHuman was created by a whole village of people.


Leading it are Zoe Brownlie and Dr Kaisa Wilson,  specialists in employee wellbeing, equity, and social change.

While working with organisations, they noticed that although many wanted to, they were unsure about how to create a truly inclusive and well culture, and that resources and support were available only to those with big budgets.

And so the idea of AllHuman was born, to support all with clear and easy ways to achieve a culture of belonging and wellbeing.

So contact us for support, and come and join our community, a place where we all belong.



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