About Us

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About Us

AllHuman is a social enterprise, working with organisations to build  a culture of employee belonging and wellbeing, to create a better world.

We can work on general belonging and wellbeing for all, or focus on specific identities including gender, ethnicity, sexuality, accessibility, age, and/or spirituality.


We offer:​

  • Strategy development and review

  • Policy and process development and review

  • Measurement through surveys, pulse checks, focus groups, and informant interviews

  • Culture workshops and  coaching

  • Speakers for conferences and events

  • Belonging Club; a community to connect with, share, and get support

We draw on research, co-design methodology, and models (e.g. Te Whare Tapa Whā, Fonofale, Fonua, PERMA) to create culture change wherever we work.

Our aims are simple

  • All people can bring their whole selves to work, and feel fulfilled and well.

  • All organisations, no matter how big or small, can access tools and support to help this happen.

As well as working to make the world a better place, we give some of our profits to not-for-profit organisations in Aotearoa. We believe it's important to pass it on when you can!